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Perfume from waste

“Scent makes us crave for more,
but also fight for less.
We should not give up on a world full of scents,
but we should rescue it...”

Rescue the lovingly scent
of rosebuds

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Rescue the ultimately fresh
scent of orange peels

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Rescue the iconic scent of
the Amsterdam christmas tree

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Discover which perfume makes you crave for more and fight for less.

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RUIK makes sustainable perfumes from waste.
From the finest scents made from orange peels, rosebuds to pine needles.
We distil the waste into fresh essential oil, let it mature and use it as the main ingredient in our formula.
We only use the most honest ingredients for a sustainable and natural perfume.
that's how you smell like RUIK!

Perfume from RUIK is:
Unisex Eau de Parfum
At least 90% organic
100% vegan perfume, cruelty free
Free from parabens, UV filters and harmful solvents